Danish Royal Visit to Germany 2015

Hamburg & Munich

19 - 21 May 2015

Guidelines on Etiquette

We have received a number of inquiries about how to act and interact with Their Royal Highnesses during the visit. First of all we would like to highlight that TRH are no different from important business partners so act as naturally and politely as you would do with these. Secondly, presenting your company, visions or products in your own words sounds more natural and convincing than using a whole new vocabulary. Even so, we have stated a few polite phrases for you to use if you feel uncertain. We hope the guidelines below will be a help to you.

Etiquette for in-person introductions and receiving lines 


Introducing yourself:

When you greet His Royal Highness the Crown Prince or Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess it is a nice gesture to give a small handshake, do a small bow (men)/curtsey (women) and say “It’s a pleasure to meet Your Royal Highness”.

When you engage in a longer conversation with one of Their Royal Highnesses, please introduce yourself with your name, company and title: “My name is xxx and I am the “position xxx” of company xxx”.

It is a courtesy to address HRH the Crown Prince/Crown Princess with “Your Royal Highness” during a conversation or speak in the third person. 

When addressing in Danish:

På dansk er det muligt at bruge Deres Kongelige Højhed eller Kronprinsen/Kronprinsessen, når man tiltaler Kronprinsparret. Eksempelvis:

  • ”Det er en glæde at møde Deres Kongelige Højhed”
  • ”Her kan Kronprinsessen se den nyeste del af produktionen”
  • ”Deres Kongelige Højhed er velkommen til at se udstillingen”

You are welcome to address the Crown Prince Couple in either Danish or English.

Introducing someone else – a contact/client etc.:

If you would like to introduce another person to Their Royal Highnesses, you may do so as you would at any event. For example: “May I introduce Your Royal Highness to XXX. (S)he is “position xx” at “company xx”, and they have been/are/manufacture/produce...”

Showcasing products:

Some of the meeting opportunities will involve you showcasing your company and products beside a display.

As a general rule you should not directly invite TRH to try or test your product. Instead you are welcome to introduce and/or elaborate on the production process, the idea behind the product, material selection etc.

For example: “Here your Royal Highness may see some examples of our most recent products, which are available to sample. It is our most smooth/tasty/etc. product....”, “Here your Royal Highness can see XX product which we are launching this fall. It is designed for comfort and ease of use.” Etc.


When including the name of the Crown Prince Couple in text/notes, they should be written like this:


  • HRH the Crown Prince
  • HRH the Crown Princess
  • TRH the Crown Prince Couple


  • HKH Kronprinsen
  • HKH Kronprinsessen
  • DKH Kronprinsparret

Please write ‘Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple’ when sending out press releases. 

Etiquette for event organizers and hosts


As TRH the Crown Prince Couple approaches the event, a moderator/speaker or host may prepare the guests, and ensure a receiving line is set up. It is not necessary to ask people to rise for their entrance, but likely people will as a reflex, so please make sure you have a minute for this in the program.

Once TRH are in the room, the moderator/speaker or host may welcome them to the event. This is not mandatory but it may come naturally when TRH enter into a large room with many guests.

The following phrase may be used: “It is an honor to welcome Your Royal Highnesses [or Your Royal Highness] to the seminar.”


There are no etiquette restrictions.


If TRH the Crown Prince Couple are to be seated during the event, please make sure that seats are assigned for them. However, there is no need to provide special chairs.


Gifts are not required or expected. The following are some guidelines if you do wish to present a gift:

  • Please advise the Consulate or Embassy in advance about the presentation of the gift
  • Gifts are to be handed to the Lady-in-Waiting or Consulate/Embassy staff and not directly to the Crown Prince Couple
  • Any gift given should be relevant and closely tied to the event or company
  • No press should be present when the gifts are given

Please also note that the Crown Prince Couple will not be giving a gift in exchange.


  • The number of guests depends on the venue space. Please make sure that the place is not too crowded. Remember to include venue staff, company staff, company CEO, accompanying entourage of TRH the Crown Prince Couple, Consulate/Embassy staff, photographers, journalists, and other guests in your calculation. It should be easy for the Crown Prince Couple to circulate freely.
  • Danish and German flags are allowed to be displayed at the venue, but are not a requirement
  • A red carpet is allowed to be used at the entrance, but is not a requirement