Danish Royal Visit to Germany 2015

Hamburg & Munich

19 - 21 May 2015

Practical information about Germany

Representations of Denmark in Germany:

Royal Danish Embassy
Rauchstr. 1
D-10787 Berlin 
Tel +49 30 5050 2000

Royal Danish Consulate in Munich
Sendlinger Tor Platz 10/IV
D-80336 München 
Tel: +49 89 5458 540 

Danish Trade Office in Hamburg
Glockengießerwall 2
D-20095 Hamburg Telefon: +49 40 4140 0540

Useful numbers:

Medic: 112
Police: 110
Fire department: 112

Taxi Hamburg
Hansa-Taxi: +49 40 211 211
Taxi Hamburg: +49 40 666 666

Taxi Munich
Taxi-München eG: +49 89 21 610
IsarFunk Taxi: +49 89 450 540


German is the official language. English is also widely spoken and understood. However, it is often considered an advantage to be able to communicate with German business contacts in German.

German business culture

In Germany, business is conducted in a very formal matter. A formal dress code is expected. The polite way to address business contacts is to use the formal address “Sie” (meaning “you”) and to address them as “Herr” or “Frau” followed by their last names.

Dress code

In business related meetings a formal suit is required.
Dress code at the Grand Dinners is informal attire / dark suit worn with white shirt and necktie.


Euro (EUR). 1 EUR ≈ 7.5 DKK. In most stores and restaurants you can pay with regular international credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, but be aware that in some smaller stores, restaurants, and bars it is only possible to pay with cash or a German EC-Card. There are many ATM’s where you can withdraw money using international credit cards.


230 volt. Same as in Denmark - adapter is not required.

Opening hours:

Store opening hours are typically 10-20. Supermarkets are usually open 8-21 or longer.


The general price level in Germany is approximately 25 % lower than in Denmark.


Smoking in public places such as restaurants is prohibited as well as in most bars.


Country code is +49.

Time Zone:

UTC+1. Germany is in the same time zone as Denmark.


Water from ordinary tap is drinkable throughout Germany.


In the month of May, both Hamburg and Munich have an average temperature at 12°C and average rainfall at 40-55 mm for the month. Daytime temperatures are usually between 17°C to 20°C.


Although all prices include both tax and service charge, it is common to tip 10 % of the bill.

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